Watch Your Kids Around the Water

Free Designated Watcher Hat


Years ago my daughter was a near drowning victim (survived and is a healthy adult now). 

Designated Water Watcher is born from this horrible event in our families past.

Swim Season can be a dangerous time-especially at planned event.

Make sure you have a Designated Water Watcher at your event! 

It's So Easy to help save a life-Here's how it works: 

  • Assign a person to be the water watcher (15 min intervals)
  • They wear the Water Watcher Hat- they recognize their responsibility,everyone  knows someone is assigned each interval.
  • Change the watcher every 15 minutes to avoid them losing focus! 

Contact Threadmasters for:

Your Free Designated Water Watcher Hat (AZ Residents Only)

If you see us at events and would like a hat please email

Hat is FREE- $10.00 Shipping Cost Paid through Paypal Link:



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Terms and Conditions:

One Hat Per Household

Hat Color- Determined by Threadmasters

Program can be cancelled/put on hold at anytime