Embroidery Pricing


Embroidering: The base price includes 4,000 stitches and up to 5 colors. First location is usually front left chest, but does not have to be. Embroidery to additional locations is available and are priced the same as first location. Pricing is for products purchased from Threadmasters. Call us for a quote for customer supplied products. Disclaimer: Threadmasters is not responsible for any damage/errors done to customer supplied products. Please note: All customer supplied items must be removed from packaging and have all pins, staples, tags etc. removed or you may be charged a fee for Threadmasters to do this for you.Please PP

Pricing for Names and Titles are as follows: First Line (First name and/or Last name) is $10.00, second line is included.

MInimum charge is $10.00

Pricing is approximate and when purchasing apparel through Threadmasters.  


Quantity 12-37        $6.00         .50               for each thousand stitches
Quantity 38-72 $5.00 .40 for each thousand stitches
Quantity 73-144 $4.50 .35 for each thousand stitches
Quantity 145-288 $4.00 .30 for each thousand stitches