Customer Service


  • SERVICE is Quality, Timeliness, Reliability, Communication, Documentation, Pricing, they all count.
    If your order is wrong, if your embroidery isn't quite the quality that you had hoped for, if your screen printing design isn't correct, if your kick off meeting was on the 10th and your order arrives on the 14th....
    Attention to Details: checking the order at every step of the process and making corrections when necessary, and checking the order again...attention to details.

  • Pricing isn't always because of profit. Pricing includes materials, equipment, and labor. In order for us to provide the best product possible (including the service that accompanies that product), we can not charge less than what it costs to produce your product. Our prices are based on what is fair for you, the customer, and also, what is needed for us to maintain a healthy business.

  • If you have received an estimate from another local business', send it to us. In most cases, we will be able to serve you better.

  • If you have a valid retailer's business license, you are qualified to take advantage of our wholesale pricing.